Action Alerts

Current Alert: May 2010-October 2010

- Download and distribute a minimum of 1,500 "Hands Off Assata" Fliers in your city.

- Organize a "Hands off Assata" Rally or Informational which facilitates discussions about Assata's case and thoes of other political prisoners or wrongly convicted Afrikans.

- Plan a showing of the film Eyes of the Rainbow (1997). This film portrays the life and current struggles of Assata Shakur. Contact New York Assata Coalition for this:

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What else can you do?

  1. Add your organization's name to our list of endorsers/Take petitions.
  2. Contact your Congressperson. Demand that he/she rescind House Resolution #254 and ask them to support congressional hearings on COINTELPRO. You can use a Congressional email service to look up yuour rep's email:
  3. Keep visiting and and for current HOA-Campaign Info.
  4. Send contributions: The Talking Drum Collective, P.O. Box 1921, Stone Mountain, Ga. 30086 or visit the Assata Shakur T-Shirt Shop at
  5. Any questions, contact us using the contact us form.
  6. Link to this site.


What Can You DO?

If you care about your own freedom and your right to stand up, be heard and compel change, support Assata Shakur by participating in Hands Off Assata Campaign Action Alerts.

Hands Off Assata Campaign Action Alerts use networks of ordinary citizens from all over the world to educate, agitate and compel change. Action Alerts are simple enough to be carried out by anyone and effective enough to see immediate results.

Join us in protecting all freedom by telling the Federal Government and the State of New Jersey and its law enforcement agencies: "Hands Off Assata!"