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This site provides up-to-date news, action alerts, research material and online resources about Assata Shakur and the Hands Off Assata Campaign.


- Assata Shakur Speaks!
- Talking Drum
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The U.S. Government, Assata and Social Justice

The FBI's Covert Program To Destroy the Black Panther Party Part 1
The FBI's Covert Program To Destroy the Black Panther Party Part 2

Right to Dissent - U.S. Patriot Act - Violation of Civil Liberities
The government's terrorist is our community's heroine by Mos Def
Assata: Terrorist, or Survivor of Terrorism?
US Congress votes to make Patriot Act permanent
Thousands dead, millions deprived of civil liberties?
Protecting the Rights of Individuals Act 2003
Communities that have Passed Resolutions Opposing the Patriot Act
Analysis Of The Provisions Of The USA PATRIOT Act (and Online Activities)
Martial Law & the Pentagon


What Can You DO?

If you care about your own freedom and your right to stand up, be heard and compel change, support Assata Shakur by participating in Hands Off Assata Campaign Action Alerts.

Hands Off Assata Campaign Action Alerts use networks of ordinary citizens from all over the world to educate, agitate and compel change. Action Alerts are simple enough to be carried out by anyone and effective enough to see immediate results.

Join us in protecting all freedom by telling the Federal Government and the State of New Jersey and its law enforcement agencies: "Hands Off Assata!"